Villa Décor, a Ponte Vedra-based interior design studio in Florida, specializes in comprehensive interior design services for both residential and commercial spaces. With wide range of offerings, they assist clients with furniture and accessory selection, as well as provide complete interior design services from conceptual architectural drawings to final installation. Villa Décor takes on diverse projects, including expansive coastal homes, sophisticated suburban and urban residences and functional office spaces.

To deliver outstanding design services that cater to each client’s unique preferences and aspirations, Carol and her team maintain close consultation throughout every stage of a project. This close collaboration allows them to guide the design process and identify specific architectural and project management requirements. Managing and executing all the technical aspects of a design project, such as specifications, drawings, procurement, quality control, effective communication, and thorough documentation, can often be overwhelming. Villa Décor specializes in alleviating this stress from their clients, enabling them to relax, enjoy the process and more importantly, have fun!


Embarking on her interior design venture more than 20 years ago, Carol ignited a fiery passion for fashion and design that has only intensified over time. Infused with a meticulous focus on textures, intricate details, and impeccable finishing touches, her creations exude distinct sense of awe-inspiring magnificence.

Determined to uphold an unwavering dedication to style, Carol has masterfully crafted a name for herself, renowned for fashioning effortlessly sophisticated spaces that seamlessly span the spectrum from timeless tradition to captivating minimalism. Recognizing that every facet of design intertwines with an individual’s unparalleled sense of style and unique way of life, Carol’s discerning eye leaves an inedible mark on each project, ensuring a harmonious reflection of the client’s essence.


Kaitlyn Robertson, an invaluable member of the Villa Décor team for more than a decade, has cultivated an exceptional level of expertise in project management within the realm of interior design, particularly in the intricate and multifaceted domain of new construction and remodels.

Presently residing in Costa Rica alongside her husband and son, Makai, Kaitlyn’s proficiency lies in the art of materializing projects through meticulously crafted 3D renderings for each spatial area. Collaborating closely with Carol and the esteemed clientele, she skillfully incorporates a multitude of intricate details into the comprehensive design. Following the finalization of the design, Kaitlyn assumes the role of liaison between the contractor, subcontractors, and the project site, meticulously overseeing the execution of the design with her unwavering attention to detail and remarkable communication skills, rendering her an invaluable asset to every endeavor.

Notably, one of Kaitlyn’s most remarkable attributes lies in her genuine concern for each and every client and their unique project. Her unwavering commitment to ensuring precise adherence to the envisioned design showcases her exceptional devotion that surpasses mere professional obligations.


Liz joined our team in the summer of last year after relocating to Jacksonville. She holds a degree in Business Management with a minor in architecture, which has equipped her with a strong foundation in project management.

Her career in design commenced in the real estate development sector in Washington DC, where she gained valuable experience. As a project manager, Liz excels in overseeing the intricacies of construction projects on a daily basis. She diligently visits job sites, maintains effective communication, and coordinates with contractors, clients, and project vendors. Liz ensures that all project elements are executed accurately and promptly.


Kathy has over 30 years of accounting experience in the construction and development of major projects including oceanfront condominiums, townhomes, residential, and hotels.

Kathy has been with Villa Decor & Design for over 10 years. Her extensive knowledge of the financial aspects of new build, remodel and design projects is a valuable asset to our clients and our firm.


Kristen has grown up in Florida and in the design industry, with her father owning his own construction company. After graduating from the University of North Florida, Kristen joined our team as a procurement and logistics coordinator.   Kristen is responsible for all aspects of project procurement; from order placement, tracking and delivery, to facilitating work orders. Her organization and dedication to each project allows our team to stay on schedule, in budget, and without lack of any large or small detail.

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