Being a designer in 2020 was a challenge to say the least! Prior to Covid, we were in our groove and had our “go-to” vendors that we relied upon that could turn custom pieces around in a short period of time. Our weeks consisted of pulling rooms together with all the aesthetics and details that were needed for each of our projects. We had processes in place that handled the procurement, shipping, and receiving of all the many details involved with each space. It was business as usual.

Then Covid hit and it created a plethora of problems that continued to grow and grow and grow. It started with our team trying to work remotely, which we adapted to easily. We already had remote employees and ways to communicate, collaborate, and share information. Being in new construction and remodels made us an essential business; therefore, we were forced to get back out and keep all our construction projects on schedule.

Sourcing of materials became harder and still is to this day. Lead times were constantly changing, and I am receiving emails from vendors daily re-emphasizing our need to be patient. We have very close relationships with our vendors, however, with everyone working remotely it became harder to get answers from them. Tracking orders now takes 4 times the amount of time it did before. Items arriving damaged became so bad at one point that we had a long list of damaged goods we were trying to replace. All of this takes time and time is money.

Welcome 2021! We have embraced our new norm and our team is constantly adjusting to streamline all the intricate details that go into the design of a home. We look forward to sharing with you some of the amazing designs that have blossomed out of the pandemic. We are more inspired than ever. I’ve always been a believer that behind every storm, there is a rainbow.

Cheers to the rainbows of 2021!

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